Episode 10

10. How to gently rebel against overwhelm ft. Heidi Marke

In this episode, I'm talking with Heidi Marke, the Gentle Rebel Coach and host of the Overwhelm is Optional podcast. She shares so much wisdom on how to choose to overcome overwhelm. And one of my favorite quotes from the conversation has already changed my own life:

"This is the root of all of our anxieties, that we are just not letting ourselves take the space that we need to take. Metaphorically, physically, literally, all of those ways."

Heidi Marke, The Gentle Rebel Coach, speaker, author and host of the Overwhelm is Optional podcast, helps you gently rebel against the nonsense that life has to be hard, that success requires sacrificing your ability to feel well, laugh easily, think clearly and have time and energy to enjoy the very things that success is supposed to give you.

Her book, Overwhelm is Optional was published in 2022.

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